10GB for free with your Internet


Your memories everywhere with you

  • 10GB for free with your Internet
  • An app to save all your photos
  • Easy access & sharing from all your devices

How much cloud storage do you need?

Secure online storage for your photos, videos, and documents

The Cloud offer is only available to Proximus Internet customers. Enjoy!


Cloud 10 GB

if you're an Internet customer

Cloud 100 GB

2.95 /month

Cloud 1 TB

9.95 /month

Please note that using this service consumes mobile Internet volume. To avoid any impact on your 3G/4G volume, we recommend that you use Cloud via Wi-Fi. Cloud isn't included in packs.

Cloud in short

What is the cloud?

  • Store all your personal content: photos, videos, music, files, etc.
  • Online and in a secure way
  • Easy access and sharing from all your devices: your pc, smartphone and table

What does this storage volume correspond to?

With 10 GB you can store:

  • 4000 photos (2.5 MB per photo)
  • or 20 personal videos (500 MB per 5-minute video)
  • or 2000 music tracks (5 MB per track)
  • or 20,000 documents (500 KB per document)

This estimate, based on an average theoretical use, is for information only and has no contractual value.

What is automatic backup?

You can choose to save your favourite files of your PC, smartphone and tablet either automatically or manually. Automatic backup allows you to save your files directly in the Cloud without you having to do anything. You decide what types of files (photos, videos, documents, etc.) should be backed up automatically.

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