Move checklist

No hassle on the way to your new address!

Get your move planned in a glance

You need boxes you can tick when things are done, a clear view of all tasks ahead. Start planning as from 3 months before your move.

When will you be moving?

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3 months before the move


If you’re renting

Terminate your rental agreement and make the necessary repairs (or get someone to do them) to your rented home to avoid any problems with the schedule of condition.


Inform your employer of your planned move and schedule your days of leave.


Notify your children's current school and register your children with the new school.

Floor plan

Note the measurements of your new home and draw up a floor plan. You can also use it on the day of your move to put your furniture in the right rooms. Useful!

Helping hand

Search for a removal company or removal truck. Also inform your family and friends: maybe they will give you a helping hand?

Interior design

Now you still have time to come up with ideas, in shops, on websites and via special apps. Have you found an interior design you like? When placing your order, ask how long the lead time is.

1 month before the move



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Authorities you can notify now already

  • Your employer or, if you are a job seeker, the VDAB, Actiris or Forem.
  • Your water, electricity and gas suppliers
  • The bank(s), broker(s) and insurance companies where you are a client
  • Your family doctor, dentist, etc.
  • The newspapers and magazines you subscribe to
  • If placing an order, it's best you already bear in mind the date of your move


Make sure you have removal boxes and labels, as you're going to need them! Keep old boxes and newspapers.

At your new address

Go off and explore your new surroundings already

2 weeks before the move


Pack boxes and sort your possessions

Start packing your boxes already (first pack the items you don’t use very often) and, while you're at it, decide what you want to keep and what you can get rid of (sell in a jumble sale, take to a recycling shop, etc.).

Do a few quick checks

Make sure the bank(s), broker(s) and insurance companies have changed your details for standing orders (rent, savings) and direct debit payments.

Redirect your post

Contact your local post office and your post will be automatically redirected to your new address. A useful service!

Reserve a parking space

For the removal truck. This seems obvious, but it must definitely be put on your to-do list!

1 week before the move



A technician will come by on the agreed date to install everything.


Have extra keys made, if necessary. Make an appointment for handing over and collecting the keys, for your old home and your new home respectively.

Move boxes

Pack things you don't need very often and take them to your new home already.

Fridge and freezer

They must be defrosted a couple of days beforehand.

Children and pets

Arrange for them to be looked after and house your pets temporarily with family or friends: it will be one thing less to worry about on the day.

Safety deposit box

You can temporarily store precious possessions such as money and jewelry in a safety deposit box in the bank. This will make you feel a lot safer.

Interior decorating

Take out your painting tools and start redecorating your new home, putting furniture in place, etc.


You must of course also do some cleaning, both in your old and your new home. This way you'll leave your old home nice and tidy while getting your new home in good shape as well.

The day of the move


Put together a survival kit

Get off to a good start

Inform your removal firm of the layout of your new home (e.g. with a floor plan), so your furniture will be placed in the right room straight away.

Has everything been moved?

Do a final check anyway, as it's your responsibility to ensure nothing is left behind.


Your first evening in your new home and savor TV, Internet, etc.

Just after the move



Note any damage caused during the move.

Meter readings

Make a note of the electricity, gas and water meter readings

Are you renting

In that case, a schedule of condition is recommended. A checklist is available for this.


Check whether there is any equipment that needs servicing, such as the boiler.

Go to the municipality

Now you must change your place of residence officially at the Population Register department of your new municipality.

Authorities that are notified automatically

Your car

Ensure the address on the vehicle registration form is changed within 2 weeks of your move.

Party time!

Invite friends and family to a housewarming party.

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