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Building or renovating?

Plan your connection to our infrastructure

Planning for your connection

to the Proximus infrastructure

It's important to foresee your connection to the Proximus infrastructure during the construction/renovation phase. That way you avoid more digging work later. Nobody likes the front yard to be distroyed, for cabling… You’re free to choose Proximus later on, for your products and services.

Request your connection when the structural works are done and roof, windows and doors are placed. Do you want to connect your home to electricity, natural gas, water, television, telephone and the Internet? Simplify your life with the Connect My Home serviceNew window in Wallonia: a single request for several connections, a single contact person, and a single day to carry out all the necessary work.

What you need to prepare

What Proximus will do for you

Preparatory work

Prepare the external cabling

There are some things you have to foresee before we can install the external cabling and connect your home to our infrastructure:

  • Dig a 60-cm-deep trench, in a straight line and perpendicular to the building line
  • Install a hard, smooth-walled PVC conduit for future cables. The conduit should be 50 mm in diameter with a cable pull-wire that exceeds by 50 cm at each side.
  • The conduit should enter the construction via the energy curve or via an opening in the masonry.
  • Both sides of the conduit should be hermetically closed by a removable plug
  • Don't forget to foresee a picket to localise the far end of the conduit at the side of the street.
Tips and tricks for this building phase

When your electrician comes by to do the electrical works, ask him to install the "Smarttube" as well. This is a cable certified by Proximus. Your electrician can take care of everything; you don't need to be present during the installation.

Request your connection

New construction/renovation

The connection to the infrastructure costs €90 and contains:

  • Installation of the cable, from the street (alignment) to the its actual connection (usually, the garage)
  • Welding of this cable onto the distribution cable (public domain)
  • Installation of the point of connection connection (usually, the garage)

Structural renovation

Are you structurally renovating your building or are you going to demolish your house? Read the following instructions if you are wondering what to do with our telecom infrastructure such as:

The public domain (sidewalk or street):

The private domain:

If you intend to move or remove our infrastructure, please inform us as soon as possible in the following cases:

  • You intend to remove our copper infrastructure (the classic Proximus network) from a building with more than 20 residential units.
  • You intend to move our copper infrastructure
  • You intend to move or remove our fiber infrastructure
  • You intend to move or remove a Proximus street cabinet in front of the building

In these cases, please inform us as soon as possible (at least 8 weeks in advance for a better service), to prevent damage to the network, and thus ensure that other customers in the street continue to enjoy our internet. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Some information that might help

Tips and tricks

Frequently asked questions

How will the installation of your Internet and TV take place?

As soon as you send your order, we remotely check your technical situation.

  • If a visit by a technician is required, we will arrange that appointment when it best suits you. And no worries: for the installation, you can count on the expertise of our technicians without extra costs!
  • If the infrastructure at your new home is ready to use, you can connect the devices yourself using the installation guide… or request a technicians help to finalise the installation.
Will I be able to keep my current numbers?

You can keep your mobile numbers, fixed numbers if you stay in the same zone.

What will happen to my current e-mail address?

You can continue to use the e-mail address from your former operator free of charge for max. 18 months after your transfer. Time enough to warn your contacts about your new address!

The move checklist

You’ve got a lot on your mind, help is here. A cure to your stress: our move checklist helps you plan it all!

Less stress, to the checklist