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Our Bizz Experts assist your company, answer all your Telecom or IT-related questions and help you make the right decisions.

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Check your bills and manage your costs, add or remove options, receive advice,… MyProximus makes it all easy.

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Compose your Bizz All-in or Bizz Office and get a free installation by a technician (worth €48.76)!

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Book an appointment with a Bizz Expert nearby, he will take care of your installation. You can count on him, for advice on the best solutions, tips and tricks, ...

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Switching is easy!

  • Keep your mobile numbers, and landline numbers if you stay in the same zone.
  • Continue to use the e-mail address free of charge for max. 18 months after your transfer.
  • When you place your order, we will check if the installation needs to be done by a technician.
  • Use the Easy Switch procedure if it applies or compose your cancellation letter, to stop your current subscriptions.

Convinced? Send us your data, ideally 6 weeks before the wished installation date. We call you within 2 hours to plan it all and we’ll give you all needed info.

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Useful info for your transfer

Do I need to cancel my products at my current operator?

Verify if you can use the Easy Switch procedure. This means that Proximus takes care of everything, from cancellation at your current provider to full installation by our technician.

If Easy Switch doesn't apply, you can cancel your contract with your current provider as soon as the installation is done via letter, phone or mail.

Your contact numbers

Will you transfer your (fixed and/or mobile) numbers to Proximus? Don’t cancel them, Proximus takes care of the transfer.

The devices of your current provider

Are you renting devices at your current operator? Make sure to return these devices, as Proximus doesn’t support them. You will need a new modem and/or decoder from Proximus.

Are the introduction points different?

Yes, Telenet uses coax kabel, Proximus uses fiber or copper and also ethernet cabling or wifi.

Our technicians only install Proximus devices, they don’t remove devices from other providers and don’t take them along.

What about data on my mobile phone?

When you take a mobile subscription at Proximus, you automatically receive a new SIM card, even when you keep your number. You can transfer your contacts, but we also provide this service in the point of sales.

I have an e-mail address or website at my current provider, how does that transfer work?

The e-mail address (e.g. @telenet.be) stays valid for max. 18 months after your transfer. Time enough to warn your friends and family about your new address!

Do you have a personalised e-mail address @yourcompany.be? This web space stays available for 6 months, but your domain name will be deleted when you cancel your services. Subscribe to a paying domain name to keep your web space online.

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Our Bizz Experts are at your disposal. Choose your contact mode.

  • Contact a Bizz Expert on 0800 55 500Mo - sat : 08:00 - 22:00

  • Chat with a Bizz Expert on this website

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