Lost or broken mobile phone? Free smartphone loan for 30 days!

Published on 01/06/2024 in Smartphones

Because small accidents don't just happen to other people, Proximus lends you a smartphone free of charge. Stay connected while you wait for repairs or choose a new model.

Lost or broken mobile phone? Free smartphone loan for 30 days!

A 100% free smartphone repair service

Would you like to have your smartphone repaired or take the time to choose a new one? Proximus to help you through this transition period. Our customers benefit from a replacement smartphone free of charge for 30 days. Visit one of our Proximus stores to collect your loan smartphone and stay in touch with your loved ones and activities.

What kind of smartphone can I expect?

We do our best to offer you a loan smartphone that matches your style,

  • Apple fans will receive an iPhone.
  • Android fans, on the other hand, can enjoy a Samsung.

The exact make and model of the loan smartphone depends on in-store availability.

Your old smartphones are worth money!

Do you have unused smartphones lying around? Proximus offers you an ecological and economical solution with its recycling program! Whatever their condition, they're worth something:

  • Economic value: at Proximus, you receive a recycling premium ranging from €10 to €500.
  • An ecological value: appliances in good condition can be reconditioned; for others, the precious materials used are recycled.

How much your mobile is worth?



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