Smart thermostats: our tips if you want to buy one

Published on 25/01/2019 in Bits & Bytes

Smart thermostats: our tips if you want to buy one

To buy a smart thermostat or not: that’s not THE question, but still a quite important one. In the end, it’s new piece of contemporary technology that you install in your house and which you have to get used to. But what are the big advantages of a smart thermostat? And do you indeed save money on your energy bill with it?

Check out our answers on these and other questions, in French or Dutch.

The smart thermostat is just one of the many home devices you can connect via the internet these days.

With fiber to the home, however, you do not have to worry about the arrival of all those extra smart devices. Because you always have a stable and super fast internet connection. And you even don’t pay for the installation and activation of it.

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