10 reasons to consult proximustv.be

Published on 03/06/2015 in Showtime!

10 reasons to consult proximustv.be

As you may know, in March, Proximus launched a brand-new site dedicated to Films and TV: proximustv.be! Here are 10 good reasons to consult this site regularly. Warning: once you start, you won’t be able to stop ;)

1. All the latest on Films & TV

Proximustv.be publishes more than 70 different types of content per week! Every day, you will find news, columns, slide shows and video feeds, so you don't miss out on the latest news on Films & TV.

2. Competitions all year round

Proximustv.be holds a different competition every week. You can win cinema tickets, invitations to film premieres, goodies, and even trips.

3. What's on TV?

You can access the complete TV program on your computer. Besides the regular schedule, Proximustv.be allows you to consult programs per channel and films scheduled in the evening.

4. Remote recording

Your favorite series is on TV this evening, but you have to go out? Thanks to Proximustv.be you can program your recordings remotely via the web. Click "Record" and find the recording on your TV using the PVR button of your remote control.

5. Watch TV live

With TV Everywhere, you can watch over 40 channels live on your computer. Simply click the program you want to watch on the zapping list, to transform your computer into an extra TV set.

6. You'll never miss your favorite program again

Did you forget to record your favorite TV show? Don’t worry! Thanks to TV Replay and TV Replay+, on your computer you can go back up to 36 hours in the TV schedule and watch programs which have already been broadcast.

7. Be notified of a future broadcast

Do you wish you could see the film everyone's talking about and which you missed last week? With Proximustv.be you can create an "alert" and receive a free e-mail notification of the next TV broadcast of that film.

8. Rent on Proximus TV

Proximustv.be gives you access to the whole on-demand catalog available via the on-demand button of your remote control. From your computer, you can find out more about the films available in the catalog and create a wish list.

9. Do you love films and series?

Proximustv.be offers you more than 100,000 reviews of films and TV series. You can consult the summary, photos, awards, cast, seasons and episodes… you’ll become a movie and TV buff! And, as icing on the cake, you can share your opinions by giving a score.

10. Always on the move?

Proximustv.be can be consulted on any smartphone or tablet. However, the TV program and TV Everywhere are available on a special application.

Convinced? Discover Proximustv.be now!


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