Subtitles on your TV screen: now even easier!

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Subtitles on your TV screen: now even easier!

Ideal if you find it hard to understand what's being said.

Do you watch your favourite series and don't understand the Dutch dialog that well?

Well, now it's even easier to activate the subtitles of TV programs. No more messing about with teletext: instead you get automatic subtitles which you only need to set up once. 

Available for both Belgian and foreign channels

Simply go to your decoder's menu and call up subtitles. They’re available for certain programs on the following channels:

  • Walloon channels: La Une (HD), La Deux (HD) and La Trois (HD)
  • Flemish channels: één, vtm, Canvas and Disney Channel
  • Foreign channels: NPO 1, NPO 2, NPO 3, Arte, TF1 (HD), France 2 (HD), France 3, France 4, France 5, 13ème Rue, TV Breizh, Canal J, SyFy, Voyage, TCM cinéma, Mangas, BBC One, BBC Two, ARD, ZDF and Rai 2.
This is how you set them up:

Activate the subtitles for all channels simultaneously

If subtitles are available for a program, they will be activated automatically in one or more languages, as you choose.

  1. Press the menu button of your remote control and select ‘settings’ > ‘my preferences’ > ‘spoken language and subtitles’.
  2. Choose the language in which you want the subtitles. Potentially select a second language, in case the subtitles for a certain program are not available in the first language of your choice. 
    To deactivate the subtitles, select 'deactivated'.
  3. Next, select ‘confirm’, press ‘ok’, and then ‘tv’ and finally, change the channel. The subtitles are activated or deactivated, according to your choice.

By the way, you get subtitles for both live broadcasts and recordings, as well as for programs in TV Replay!

Activate the subtitles for a specific channel

If you activate the subtitles for a specific channel, this choice will be given priority over the choice you may have made for all channels.

  1. When you're watching the program, press 'ok'. In the list that now appears, go to 'subtitles' or 'spoken language and subtitles' and press 'ok'.
    If none of those options are available, it means that currently no subtitles are possible for that program.
  2. Select the language of your choice (to activate them on your selected channel only) and press 'ok'. Next, select 'confirm'. Press 'ok' and then 'tv'.

To deactivate the subtitles on this channel only, select ‘deactivated’, then ‘confirm’ and press ‘ok’.


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