Do you know the Eco Rating?

Published on 26/03/2022 in Smartphones

Are you looking for a durable and eco-friendly smartphone? The new Eco Rating system is an index that offers a clear environmental score for mobile phones based on 5 indicators. With Eco Rating, we create more transparency on ecological impact when choosing a smartphone.

Do you know the Eco Rating?

How does the Eco Rating work?

Very simple! The Eco Rating gives every smartphone an environmental score based on 5 criteria. First of all, durability indicates how robust your mobile is, how long the battery lasts and how long the warranty applies. With the recoverability pillar you can see how easy it is to be able to repair and upgrade your mobile phone. Next, recyclability provides more information concerning the ease to disassemble, recover and/or recycle the parts of your smartphone. Climate efficiency is transparent about greenhouse gas emissions and last but not least resource efficiency shows whether or not rare raw materials were used in the production of the phone.

The goal? Helping customers in making an informed and sustainable choice. The higher the score, the more environmentally friendly the device. The Eco Rating is launched by a consortium of European mobile operators across the telecom industry (Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefónica, Telia Company and Vodafone,...) joined by Proximus, to accelerate the transition towards a circular mobile phone economy.

Will every smartphone get an Eco Rating?

Many brands are already participating in this project, such as Samsung, OnePlus Nokia and Huawei. Unfortunately, not all smartphones have an Eco Rating yet. Some brands do not want to release all information about the production and transport of their smartphones (for example: Apple).

Where can I find this Eco Rating?

The label is easily recognizable and can be found on our website and in our Proximus shops.

Would you like to know more about the Eco Rating? Click hereNew window.


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