Improving the experiences of patients, residents and visitors

Published on 13/08/2021 in Sectors

Making the experience for patients, residents and visitors as positive as possible is one of the great challenges for our industry. The digital transformation in hospitals, retirement homes and care centers thus continues unabated with digital patients wanting to be connected 24/7.

Improving the experiences of patients, residents and visitors

Evolution at lightning speed

Our healthcare sector continues to evolve at lightning speed. We see this in the interaction between patients and care providers, the sharing of data, care plans that are drawn up and monitored together...

More and more players in our sector are placing the experience of patients, residents and visitors at the center of their concerns. From home to the care facility and back. From diagnosis over treatment to aftercare.

That's why it's important to make sure...

  • All parties involved know where they need to be quickly
  • Stays - however short or long - are as pleasant as possible
  • Accessibility for everyone always remains optimal

Good care today goes beyond the patient and even beyond the medical. The very high quality score that we generally receive as a sector can only be maintained if we continue to invest in further digitization.

Quickly find your way

Healthcare institutions welcome a lot of people. Steering all these visitors, patients and residents in the right direction and keeping them informed isn’t easy. With Digital Signage you ensure that the right message reaches the right target group.

Digital Signage combines text, images and sound to spread dynamic and interactive messages via all kinds of digital screens.

The advantages of Digital Signage...

…for patients, residents and visitors:

  • The information displayed is relevant and up-to-date
  • Thanks to interactivity, involvement is increased

…for your organization:

  • You work more efficiently and can share messages with 1 click
  • Cheaper and more eco-friendly (less paper-based communication)

What can Digital Signage mean for your company?

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Making things pleasant for you

No matter how efficiently we try to organize everything, our sector is characterized by a lot of idle time. Patients, residents and visitors often have to wait for an appointment, for research results, for care, for a stay...

At times like these, it is good to be able to focus on something else. The Business TV platform offers the necessary distraction and entertainment.

Business TV is an interactive communication platform with +65 television channels, 20 radio channels, a personalized errand service and all kinds of applications (e.g. a weather app or meal delivery service).

The benefits of Business TV...

…for patients, residents and visitors:

  • A wide range of entertainment channels
  • A personalized digital experience

…for your organization:

  • One easy-to-manage and scalable platform
  • Easily add additional services and apps

How can Business TV help your company?

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Customer testimonial

A TV platform tailored to senior citizens at Vulpia

Retirement home residents in the near future will be more digitally savvy than before. Their expectations about the digital experience there? At least as good as at home. With Business TV, you're already getting a head start.

And yes, not everyone is equally comfortable with the digital possibilities. That is why Proximus has developed a more accessible digital television platform for senior citizens. The operation has been simplified and everything has been made easier to read.

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Reachable anywhere, anytime

A stay in a care facility can be stressful at times. Staying connected to family and friends is a great way to alleviate that time. With the combination of Fiber and Enterprise Guest Wi-Fi, you are assured of the best possible connection for all your patients, residents and visitors!

With Fiber, data is transmitted at light speed over long distances.
Enterprise Guest Wi-Fi is a separate visitor network.

The advantages of Fiber and Enterprise Guest Wi-Fi...

…for your patients, residents and visitors:

  • A super-fast connection anytime, anywhere

…for your organization:

  • Accessible, secure and segregated internet access for patients, residents and visitors
  • Anonymized user data gives you additional insights

What can Fiber and Enterprise Guest Wi-Fi mean for your company?

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Customer testimonial

Always connected at the Brussels hospital Chirec Delta.

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