Optimal collaboration with shared data, tools and platforms

Published on 12/09/2023 in Sectors

Reliable IT services stand on solid foundations. Organizations that want to accelerate their digitization cannot do without it.

Optimal collaboration with shared data, tools and platforms

Optimal collaboration and sharing information contribute to high-performance care

To support this, a state-of-the-art infrastructure is required. With the right Cloud and Storage solutions, you get the necessary building blocks to enable good collaboration within and outside your organization.

In addition to a good infrastructure, collaboration tools and API platforms are also indispensable. These technologies can automate your processes, optimize treatments and increase the quality of service. It is also extremely important to integrate these applications in a controlled and safe manner.

Collaborate efficiently with Microsoft Teams

Efficient collaboration and communication across different locations is very important for healthcare companies and their employees. With Microsoft Teams you can fully embrace the benefits of teamwork.

Microsoft Teams brings people, documents, files and applications together in one environment.

Teams works with 'channels' to group different people around a certain topic, service or healthcare institution. Everyone involved in this channel can exchange files, do videoconferencing, etc. This method also ensures that a lot of information still spread over different tools, mailboxes, systems and places, comes together nicely.

Microsoft Teams is equipped with a good portion of artificial intelligence. For example, the software can translate texts or convert voice messages to text.

Yashfeen Saiyid, Advanced Workplace Lead at Proximus

Did you know that Proximus has made the fixed telephony offer available within Microsoft Teams? In addition to your direct colleagues, you can now also call external employees or partners, directly within the Teams interface, on a fixed Proximus number.

The benefits of Microsoft Teams…

…for your employees:

  • Collaborate efficiently across different locations
  • Easily exchange files
  • All information and communication about a topic collected in one place

…for your organization:

  • Streamlined collaboration between your teams
  • Access to the latest innovations
  • Link with fixed telephony

Curious about digital collaboration?

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The use of big data at Multipharma

At Multipharma, big data is used to provide a better service to their customers. This requires a reliable and high-performance network. Fiber optic connections and cloud platforms are ideal carriers for guaranteeing the quality of such a network. This makes Multipharma ready to flexibly absorb a large growth in data.

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Direct access to Proximus technology via API platforms

Thanks to APIs, different software systems communicate easily and securely with each other so that you can simplify your processes and business models.

With the Proximus APIs, you can quickly and easily combine different technologies:

What APIs can mean for your company

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Host and manage your business applications in the cloud

Select the cloud solution that best suits your business needs:

  • Transform your static computing resources into a powerful private cloud platform. Save time, effort and heavy capital investment, whether it's about privacy, security, data sovereignty or availability.
  • Manage your own server on Proximus servers with Proximus Cloud. If you do not have the knowledge in-house, our specialists will take care of it for you. You pay per month in order to keep a tight rein on cost.
  • Ensure a hassle-free migration to the cloud with Microsoft Azure. This powerful cloud computing platform hosts and manages your applications in the cloud. Documents and data are always safe and accessible via Azure.
  • Protect your sensitive data. The sovereign cloud combines the best of 2 worlds: the functionalities, flexibility and scalability of the public cloud and the highest possible security. The sovereign cloud is part of Proximus Cloud Fusion, the platform where you manage your hybrid cloud solutions. Thanks to the strongest possible encryption, the sovereign cloud complies with strict European legislation. So you enjoy the highest level of security.

Integrate your business applications in a controlled and secure manner

Is your data safe in the cloud? Absolutely.

What you need to know about the Proximus data centers in Belgium:

  • 24/7 supervision and surveillance
  • Two different geographic sites, to ensure your business continuity
  • Applications and data run in an isolated virtual datacenter
  • Advanced firewall and security architecture

To migrate your applications to the cloud, Proximus works closely with your local IT integrator. We can also recommend a reliable IT partner from our extensive partner network. Your IT partner will oversee your migration and make sure everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on your core business.

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