Incorrect usage in the MyProximus app?

You have checked your usage in the MyProximus app but it is not up-to-date, it is incorrect or higher than expected?

Your usage is not up-to-date?


Your usage is not in real time. The app shows the date of the last update for each product:

  • For calls and data via land line: after 30 minutes (exceptionally after 8 hours);
  • For mobile calls and texts: after 30 minutes (exceptionally after 4 hours);
  • For mobile data: in real time (exceptionally after 3,5 hours). In case of a delay, you'll see an exclamation point. Tap it for more info;
  • For mobile payments (such as SMS parking): between 30 minutes and 48 hours after purchase, depending on the external service provider;
  • For calling, texting and surfing abroad: in Europe, after max. 8 hours. In the rest of the world, depending on the foreign provider, it can take up to 30 days.

If you exceed your allowance of call minutes, texts or data, we will send you a warning by text message after max. 4 hours. We will send you various text alerts if you surf intensively abroad via 3G/4G.

Your usage is incomplete or incorrect?


If there was new call, text or data usage, the latest available information will appear in each block, together with the moment of the update. Please note:

  • You see by default the mobile usage of the Proximus SIM card in your mobile or tablet with access to 3G/4G.
  • Does your mobile phone have two SIM cards? The MyProximus app only gives the correct usage for a Proximus SIM card in the SIM slot 1.
  • If you want to know the usage of your landline, TV, Internet by Wi-Fi, other mobile phones, or tablet/smartphone with Wi-Fi only, you can add an account in the MyProximus app.
  • Do you always surf via Wi-Fi? Your Wi-Fi usage is not shown in the app. To view your call and text usage (and mobile data usage if applicable), connect at least once a month to the mobile network (3G/4G):
    1. Turn off the Wi-Fi connection in your phone's settings.
    2. Connect to the mobile network (3G/4G) via the network menu on your phone. If this doesn't work, check the Internet settings.
    3. Open the MyProximus application. Your usage will now be displayed.
    4. Turn on your Wi-Fi connection again. Repeat this process once a month.

Is your usage higher than expected?


If you exceed your bundle or have out-of-bundle costs, this extra amount will be shown in red. Want to know more about this amount? Consult your usage via the MyProximus website.
Please note that you will only have the exact amount when your bill or payment statement is drawn up and we calculate any applicable discounts and promotions. A few tips:

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