How do you adjust your limit for mobile payments?

You pay on a regular basis with your mobile or tablet (car park ticket, apps, music, etc.)? You can control your budget via MyProximus by configuring your monthly purchasing limit. You have to be registered on MyProximus and be the administrator of your account. You can then do this for your own mobile number and all the numbers you manage. Proceed as follows:

It is temporarily not possible to configure your monthly purchasing limit via the app. Please check MyProximus via the website.

  1. Click the button below and log in.
    Check your products Opens a new window
  2. Click your mobile number.
  3. Scroll down to Other and click on Mobile payments.
  4. Under Your maximum amount per month, choose your personal monthly purchase limit and confirm by clicking Save.
    If you don't want to be able to make any more mobile payments, click on Cease, checkmark the terms and conditions and click Remove.

You can change or activate this limit again at any time.

You can consult more information about third parties in a detailed manual.

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