Identification of your prepaid card

Identification of your prepaid card

Our top-up cards are no longer anonymous

What changes for you?

From now on, all holders of a prepaid card without automatic top-up are legally required to identify themselves. 
So anyone who buys a new prepaid card will have to identify him or herself before using the card for the first time.

Even if you're an existing prepaid card user (for your mobile, tablet, computer, alarm of any other type of equipment), you'll have to identify yourself. Otherwise you'll no longer be able to make calls, text and surf.

Choose how to identify your prepaid card

Identify your card directly


  • With your electronic ID card (eID) and PIN code
  • Or top up your Pay&Go card using your Bancontact card
Identify yourself online

Go to your Proximus Center

One of our staff member will be happy to help you. Don't forget to take your electronic identity card, your passport or any other identity card with you to the Center.

Find a point-of-sale

Ask a family member to identify your card

Any existing Proximus postpaid customer can identify a prepaid card in his or her name for their partner, children, parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters
Attention: your prepaid card will be in the name of this family member. Not in your name.

Online on MyProximus

A member of your family can identify your card easily. He has to:

  1. click on ‘Identify online’
  2. login with his or her existing MyProximus account
  3. fill in the form.

It’s easy to do!

Identify online

Via MyProximus-app

After downloading the MyProximus-app, he simply has to:

  1. login with his/her existing MyProximus account
  2. click on ‘My Profile’
  3. fill in the form.

That’s it!

App Store Play Store Windows Store

Via sms

If the member of your family has no MyProximus account?
He/she can send an sms to the number 8804 from his postpaid card in his mobile phone with :

  1. IDENT (in capital letters)
  2. followed by two times the prepaid number you want to register (with a space between numbers).
  3. For example “IDENT 0470123456 0470123456"

Of course, it’s free!

The general terms and conditions of Pay&Go have been adapted as a result of the legal identification obligation. You will find the provision on identification in Article 4.

Or simply opt for FullControl!

Instead of identifying your Pay&Go card, you can simply switch to our FullControl bundle. This gives you all the advantages of a subscription for a low limited fixed amount, without exceeding your budget. And it also means you're registered and in order with the authorities right away!

Mobilus FullControl

Frequently asked questions

I use a prepaid card. Am I required to identify myself?

Yes, as of December 2016, all holders (both new and existing customers) of a prepaid card without automatic top-up are required to identify themselves, otherwise they risk having their card blocked and being unable to make/receive calls, send/receive text messages or surf the Net.

Please note: are you perhaps also using a prepaid card for your tablet, computer, alarm clock, oil-fired or gas boiler, lawn mower, elevator or any other type of equipment? Then this card will also need to be identified to avoid it being blocked as well.

To identify yourself, simply surf to www.proximus.be/identify with your identity card, PIN code and an identity card reader on hand. You can also identify yourself by topping up your Pay&Go card on this same link, using your Bancontact bank card. Or ask a member of your family to do this for you.

Don't have Internet access? Visit a Proximus Center near you.

If I buy a new prepaid card, do I have to identify myself?

At present, you're not yet required to identify yourself. But you might as well already do so voluntarily as it will become compulsory very soon.
From now on, new customers have to identify themselves before being able to use their prepaid card.
You can identify yourself right away in the point-of-sale, but you can also do so afterwards on www.proximus.be/identify using your identity card, PIN code and an e-ID reader. You can also identify yourself there by topping up your card online using your Bancontact card.

Can I use my prepaid card if I don't identify myself?

No.If you don't identify yourself you'll eventually no longer be able to make or receive calls. Nor will you be able to text or use mobile Internet.

If I don't identify myself in time, do I have to throw away my prepaid card?

No. Once you do identify yourself via the Web or in a Proximus Center, you can simply continue to use your prepaid card. Things such as your credit and top-up bonus will remain unchanged.

How do I identify myself?

You can identify yourself by surfing to www.proximus.be/identify with your identity card, PIN code and an e-ID reader. You can also identify yourself by topping up your card online using your Bancontact card.
Don't have Internet access? In that case you can always drop into a Proximus Center near you.
A good alternative is to switch to a Mobilus FullControl rate plan. Then you're all in order straight away

Our top-up cards are no longer anonymous