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For all new Internet subscribers. Please know that as of 01/01/2020, the price of our pack Telephony + TV will increase by € 2/month6.


My e-Press: My e-Press is only available to private customers. Professional customers who are subjected to VAT, will not have access to My e-Press.

1Fixed Internet volume: Only for personal use, and in accordance with Proximus general terms and conditions. If the client has used their 3 TB of Internet volume included in the offer, their Internet speed is limited until the first day of the month, unless they activate Extra Volume via MyProximus: charges apply. For more info, please visit www.proximus.be/internetpolicy.

2Unlimited fixed Internet data: personal use, cf General Terms and Conditions. As from 3 TB, Internet speed will be reduced until the first day of the following month, unless the customer activates an Extra Volume of 300 GB for free via MyProximus. For more info, please visit www.proximus.be/internetpolicy.

3Fixed Internet speed: the indicated maximum speed is a theoretical speed. In practice, it cannot be attained by all customers. The download speed in your home will depend on the distance between the connection point and the exchange, the availability of VDSL, your IT installation, and the indoor cabling. To surf at maximum speed, these factors must be optimal. The use of Wi-Fi can also reduce your surfing speed. Go to www.proximus.be/internetspeed to discover the surfing speed in your home.

4Free Calls National: unlimited calls to landlines in Belgium. Use only for private purposes in accordance with Proximus general terms and conditions. 1,000 minutes to Belgian mobiles during off-peak hours. Over and above this, Classic rates apply. Calls during peak periods to a land line or mobile in Belgium: €0.79/call inc. VAT. May not be added to other options granting discounts on national calls. Not valid for calls to special numbers (07x, 09xx, apart from calls to and from the PhoneMail service). Maximum 2 Free Calls National per client.

5TV Replay: free of charge for all customers who already have or who opt for a pack Tel+TV. The availability of TV programs and TV Replay depends on the television channels and any authorizations they may have received to exploit said programs. Also available on a PC, tablet and smartphone via the Proximus TV app. The list of channels available in TV Replay on Proximus TV and the Proximus TV app, as well as the specific terms and conditions, can be found on www.proximus.be/tvreplay. TV Replay is not available for Scarlet customers.

6From 01/01/2020, the prices of several of our products will increase. The complete overview of impacted products can be found here.

Proximus TV: For more information about the availability of Proximus TV, HD coverage, the possibility to connect several TV sets, or the offer of channels and packages in your region: www.proximus.be/tv 

Installation/activation fee for new customers: €59