Your invoices

Invoices and payments

Your payment statement in MyProximus

Find out about the many digital possibilities available in MyProximus to view, download and settle your payment statements.

We offer you full transparency regarding your payment statements so you better understand what you are paying for. Thanks to intuitive features, you will find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Receive your bills online: it's simple, fast and ecological!

Simply activate the method of sending by email or zoomit in MyProximus. Go to "Invoice". Then press the 3 dots, then "Settings" and select the method that suits you.

Easily manage and analyse your invoices

Thanks to the MyProximus features

  • Consult and pay your bills securely
  • Get a detailed overview of your expenses
  • Track your consumption of the current month
  • Download and save your statements

Pay for third party services via your mobile number

All you need to know about mobile payments with your bill. No need for a bank card, your phone number is enough!

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