Switch to hybrid working

  • Working partly at home and in the office
  • Satisfied employees
  • Contact customers from home

Combining telework and office work

Organisations today are experiencing the impact of the Next Normal. We ensure that your company is ready through webinars and interesting customer stories.

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Working partly at home and in the office

No one can really predict what the future will look like. We are convinced that a hybrid approach will become the rule. Your employees will work alternately at home and in the office.

SD-WAN advantages

Give employees energy

Back to work soon

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Collaborating efficiently wherever you are. Our asset is the combination of Microsoft Teams, Azure or Cisco Webex, for example, with our expertise and connectivity (Fiber, 4G and 5G). For integration within your company, you have one personal point of contact for all your questions.

Satisfied employees

Happy employees perform better, that's for sure. Avoid frustration and give them an optimal office experience at home.

Managing from a distance

Build your own apps in MS Teams

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With Packs for Employees, you as an employer pay part of the costs of your employee's private Internet subscription. Interesting for you and for your employees.

Contact customers from home

Did you know that almost all contact applications are cloud-based, so they can also be used at home.

Efficient communication

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Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities to talk to customers: contact centers, chatbots, social media, sms, etc. Can't see the wood for the trees anymore?

We understand that! Read all the ins and outs about the hybrid customer.

Equip your homeworkers with quality tools

This makes working more pleasant, creates less distraction and makes them more productive.

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