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WPaaS is a solution for companies where IT is not part of the core business but who want their employees to enjoy all the benefits of the digital workplace.

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The building blocks for your digital workplace


Connect your organization

With the best B2B network in Belgium: fiber, Explore, 5G.

Connect your teleworkers

A fiscally advantageous salary alternative.

The best devices

For every task at hand of your employees. At the best prices thanks to our strong partnerships.

Communicate and collaborate

Work productively together

Get all the office productivity and collaboration tools.

Inclusive hybrid meetings

Guarantee equal participation for remote and onsite people.

Omnichannel support

Accommodate customer and employee journeys from wherever you work.

Enterprise Pack Together

Combine internet with telephony, mobile and other options. For balanced hybrid working. As from 57/month.

Integrate telephony

Speak to anyone via any application, on any device at any time.

SME workplace in the cloud

A cloud solution tailored to SMEs, growing at your pace. Essential for a performant SME.


Secure your workplace

Protect your organization and your employees against ransomware, malware and phishing.

How to secure a hybrid workplace?

Safeguard data, (mobile) devices and employees’ digital identity.

Manage your mobile devices

Open your network to mobile devices without endangering security.

Safe and smart office

Offer your employees and visitors a welcoming, safe and sustainable work environment.

Advice, support and manage

Workplace-as-a-service (WPaas)

One service to provide all the building blocks for your digital workplace, tailored to your needs. So, your IT experts can focus on your business.

Workplace RFP checklist

Thinking about outsourcing your digital workplace for the first time? Or just want to doublecheck you thought of everything?


Rely on our brain power: from assessments over concepts and business cases to architecture, migration & implementation, user adoption and support. 

Customer stories

More than 13,000 customers trust us with their workplace already. Discover their testimonials.

We went from 3,000 to 3,600 paying customers a day. Professionals who couldn’t turn to their trusted suppliers went online to find a solution. And that’s how they found us. Our digital channels were ready to offer them a seamless experience as well.

Eddy Evens, CIO at Lecot

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The chatbot takes care of the most common questions and so acts as a digital assistant. It means the staff can spend their time on more difficult questions – and make a real difference to the client.

Katie De Meerleer, Head of Client Care at ALD Automotive

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We addressed our weaknesses in customer service by thoroughly optimizing our telephony. No more lost calls and countless messages that are never dealt with.

Dimitri Gose, Director of Operations for Malcorps Motors

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Digitization and automation save time for our employees, who can then focus even more on actual service provision to the customer.

Nicolas Van Kerschaver, CIO at Liantis

Read the story of Liantis

In barely a week, our call center made the switch to teleworking.

Sofie De Ridder, Customer Happiness Manager at Krëfel

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We wanted our employees to be reachable via a single number at all times, regardless of which office they are in, and also when they work from home.

Stefanie Vanmeerbeek, Marketing Intelligence Analyst at the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) of Flemish Brabant

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26,000 mobile devices to manage at SNCB.

Our employees are more accessible, communicate more easily and use digital apps with a focus on solutions. All those SNCB apps run on the device from inside a shielded container, in order to have a secure, high-performance device.

Pascal Rooms, ICT Coordinator at SNCB

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700 new laptops in two months.

For Mensura the most important criteria in this project were guidance and unburdening. Not only during the rollout, but also for the user-adoption aspect.

Gerrit Van Daele, Group ICT Director & CIO at Mensura

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Field workers can now immediately view and adjust their planning via their smartphone. They can now exchange information with their manager much more easily and, among other things, provide feedback concerning the care needs of their clients. Consultation often takes place via Teams.


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The concept of the workplace has been in constant evolution since the modern age. The digital workplace is a relatively recent concept based on new workplace technologies. With the developments of the internet and cloud-based data and computing, the digital workplace emerged, offering new possibilities to collaborate and to work more productively. Like accessing data and applications from anywhere, anytime and on any device, often saving travel time and costs.

From a more technical point of view, the digital workplace is a secured, virtualized platform, just like the office environment, but with digital applications, cloud computing, and other technology. That allows businesses to move work to that virtual space and offer workers all the applications, data and collaboration tools they need to perform.

With cybercrime statistics up every year, organizations should build in a workplace security strategy, to protect their reputation, customer data, knowledge and know-how from phishing, hacking and other security threats.

Teleworking or working remotely means that people can work from a distance and not necessarily in the office. Hence, the term teleworking is broader than homeworking or working from home.

We got to know working from home or homeworking during the pandemic. Homeworking refers to a situation in which people work from home. It is a more limited term than teleworking, which stresses the distance from the office and doesn’t confine work to the one location of a person’s home.

Hybrid work often refers to different forms or modes of working and collaborating in an organization. The different locations at which people perform their work makes their work hybrid.

With the advancements of digital workplace technologies, people can work from home, at the office or on the go (e.g. at a customer’s premises, on public transport, in a coffee bar). Workers can access data and applications on different devices. Who has never answered an e-mail or participated in a video call on his/her smartphone?

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Some authors also refer to other practices in work organization, coming with hybrid work. Synchronous vs. asynchronous work or autonomy versus control.

A typical example of synchronous work is a meeting where different people discuss topics. The meeting can be face-to-face, in a meeting room, virtual via videoconferencing or hybrid with some people participating remotely and other people physically in a meeting room.

A clear example of asynchronous work is knowledge workers that produce a document and colleagues review it. That work can be done when it suits people best, when they have time to focus. That type of work demands another type of concentration than discussing in a meeting.

By discussing autonomy vs. control authors want to stress that in a more hybrid context, even more so when working fully remote, that the management should focus on the (quality and quantity) of the output and less on visual control (“Do I see my people working at their desk?”). Autonomy then means that people can organize their work and time schedule themselves. Of course, that requires different management behavior and new agreements between individuals, teams and organization.

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Workplace-as-Service, or WPaaS in short, is also referred to as outsourced digital workplace services by Gartner. They define WPaaS as: “A digital workplace services strategy is a business strategy that leverages an engaging and intuitive work environment to boost workforce digital dexterity — the ambition and ability to apply technology to improve business capabilities. Although the digital workplace strategy itself cannot be outsourced, organizations can leverage service providers to deliver the transformation and manage the tools and capabilities necessary to transform the employee experience to make it more engaging and increase discretionary effort.”

Therefore, as an organization, it’s of utmost importance to have a clear vision and strategy for your digital workplace, i.e. on the tools and processes to support employees in a hybrid work environment and on the management of the software and hardware to run those tools smoothly and safely.

If you are planning to outsource your digital workplace, make sure to get quality offers from possible partners. Our Workplace-as-Service RFP Checklist may come in handy for that. There, you will find all useful information to include in your RFP, together with tips from our Proximus workplace architects. Check it out.New window

Workplace-as-a-Service (WPaaS) allows you to:

  • free up IT specialists for more added value activities
  • rely on a broad range of domain specialists, from workplace architects, to domain admins, over network, security, VOIP, video specialists, change managers, training & adoption etc.
  • turn CAPEX into OPEX to move capital to more important investments (different, hybrid financial models are possible)
  • make your digital workplace ever-evolving, integrating innovations
  • guarantee the service quality with SLAs and XLAs

Read more about WPaaS

Most people know Proximus from its fixed and mobile networks. But Proximus also delivers advice, services and solutions on top of that network. Most of those solutions even work network independently.

You can consult Proximus and co-create new workplace concepts together. You can rely on a broad portfolio and ecosystem, from connectivity, over voice, collaboration tools, security, all the way to IoT, data and innovative smart workplace technology. It’s really an end-to-end value proposal built around your employees, to help them to work smarter and feel better.

You can rely on the support of more than 2000 experts in various ICT domains to build the digital workplace that suits your organization with the help of Proximus. We have all the building blocks that you need.

You can also source your workplace technology and end-user support as a service from Proximus, the so-called Workplace-as-a-Service (WPaaS).