Five ways to save your smartphone’s battery

Published on 16/07/2015 in Tips & tricks from…

Five ways to save your smartphone’s battery

Years ago, a mobile phone could easily survive for three days on a single charge. With today's smartphones that’s no longer possible. Fortunately, there are simple ways to boost the battery life of your smartphone.

Start with a thorough clean-up. Remove the apps that you no longer use and limit the automatic updates of the remaining apps. Some apps monitor your location via GPS, but many people forget that this feature keeps running in sleep mode. You can imagine what that does to your battery.


Does your screen really need to be set at full brightness? Of course not. Dim the screen brightness and your battery life will shoot up. Indeed, each time you receive an update, your screen lights up. All those little notifications will end up draining your battery.

No vibrate

The vibrate feature is perfect for people who are hard of hearing, since they can feel when a new e-mail, text, or call comes in. If you don’t need vibrate, turn it off to extend your battery life. Did you know that vibrate uses up more power than your ringtone? It's quite logical: either your smartphone vibrates a bit while your ringtone goes off, or the whole thing vibrates. You can guess what sucks up the most power.

No notifications

Just imagine: a whole afternoon without a single notification! No new tweets, texts, e-mails, or app updates; no social media alerts to distract you every few minutes. Each notification you receive uses up power, and, like we mentioned before, all those little notifications eat away at your battery. In your settings, choose which notifications you still want to receive and which are less urgent. The fewer notifications, the better!

Seek shade

The cooler your smartphone is, the longer it will take before the battery runs out. The warmer it is, the faster it will run out. So avoid leaving your smartphone in direct sunlight or on top the heating in your car. This may be difficult in the summer, but it's worth taking precautions in the long run.


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