6 useful tips for a stress-free move!

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6 useful tips for a stress-free move!

A few useful tips for preparing your move!

Moving... A major life event we all go through (unless you’re one of those grown-up kids who won’t leave home!) and which many of us have mixed feelings about. 

Here are a few useful tips for preparing your move so you have more time to spend on really important things – like planning your housewarming party, watching Netflix with your friends, or installing your new washing machine.

Go box hunting in good time!

Professional moving boxes are expensive and not much use to you after you move. So look for suitable moving boxes in warehouses, and get your family and friends to help you. Remember: you can never have too many boxes!

Pack your boxes efficiently

When you've collected enough boxes, it's time to fill them. It's important to pack objects from different rooms in different boxes, and to label them clearly so you know what room they should go in.

For the techies among us, there are lots of apps to help you organize your boxes. Also, make sure you can pick up the boxes easily from the sides. Finally, store your cleaning products, washing-up liquid, or shampoos in a separate box in case they spill during the move.

Take a photo of your electrical appliances before you unplug them

There's nothing more annoying than having to figure out how your TV cables were connected, just when your friends have come over to watch the football. So take a photo of your electronics and all the cables, so you can quickly install them again. If you have problems installing your Proximus decoder or modem, watch our video clip and save time!

How to pack your clothes

Clothes are often the last thing we pack. So make it easy: put the folded clothes in your drawers into boxes just as they are. Keep clothes on their hangers: just put a plastic bag over them. This also makes for faster unpacking. An extra tip for couples: label your boxes and hangers carefully, so you don't end up with your partner's clothes in your wardrobe.

Pack a "first night survival kit"

After you’ve moved, you’ll just want to collapse into an easy chair: the last thing you want is to have to go through all the boxes to find your toothbrush! So prepare a special box with all the essentials for the first night in your new home, such as toiletries, pajamas, a bag of crisps and your Proximus TV remote control!

Round up all your friends!

Last but not least, make sure you have enough help the day of the move. Round up all your friends and family, and start early. That way, you can slump down on your sofa quicker and enjoy Proximus TV and Netflix with a take-out pizza.

Want more useful tips and handy addresses? Consult our handy moving checklist here

Best of luck! Move it!


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