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Handy apps for your move!

Published on 27/09/2017 in Tips & tricks from…

Handy apps for your move!

Moving is not just about packing your things…

You have to sort and label them in an efficient way, decide where everything will go, plan your housewarming, etc. Here are a few useful apps to help you with all this!

Choosing paint color? Get the Levis Visualizer App

The Levis Visualizer App will help you decide quickly. No more endless discussions and trying out color samples against the wall. With this virtual reality app, you can test different colors on your walls as if they were already painted. Super cool!

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Handy design and visualization tool: SketchUp 

Do you like to visualize things? Are you handy with a computer? Then SketchUp is the tool for you. This free software allows you to make drawings in 3D: you can make a sketch of your new home, an image of what your interior could look like, or even design your own furniture – it's all possible!

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Handy sorting: Sortly 

Sortly is an app that helps you organize your things and to remember what you put in each box so you know what room it should go in. Whether you’re very organized or a bit messy by nature, this app will come in handy. Take photos of your things with your smartphone so you remember which boxes you put them in – and can quickly find that bottle opener during the housewarming party!
Currently only available for iPhone, although developers are working on a version for Android.  

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Food delivery: or JustEat

After a day of moving, you really won't feel like cooking. Get some take-out pizzas for the whole moving crew, and make it a fun first night in your new home.

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