9 devices you can connect to the Internet at home

Published on 13/12/2016 in Tips & tricks from…

9 devices you can connect to the Internet at home

There are more than you think!

Home devices just keep getting smarter. And more and more of them are connected to the worldwide web, so you can control them remotely. Makes life super easy!

I had a good look around in my home and found the following devices, which will soon be connected via your Wi-Fi network.

  1. Your washing machine and dryer

    Receive an alert on your smartphone when the washing or drying is done. Or check if you remembered to turn on the machine before you left for work. OK, so it's a gadget, but I can no longer do without it.

  2. Your fridge

    Know exactly what's in it and send this information to your smartphone. Smart fridges can also order shopping from your favorite supermarket when they notice you’ve run out of milk, for example.

  3. Your television

    Practically every TV set nowadays can be connected with the world via Wi-Fi. Handy, if you want direct access to Netflix without fiddling with cables on your laptop.

  4. Your wireless boxes

    Many of these devices now work via the Wi-Fi network instead of Bluetooth. This means that you can directly stream a Spotify playlist or listen to your favorite radio station via the Internet. In crystal-clear, top quality.

  5. Your thermostat and smoke alarm

    A classic, and probably the most practical example in the list. You can remotely check and adjust the temperature in every room, so that it's nice and warm when you get home. And the smoke alarm sends a message to your smartphone if there's a problem.

  6. Your alarm system

    Here, too, you receive the necessary alerts remotely; for example, in case of a break-in. Along with information about where the thief broke in. You can react immediately by turning on the TV at the highest volume, or switching on all the lights in your home.

  7. Your lighting

    Another burgeoning home-automation application. You can adjust the brightness of every lamp remotely. This way, you can create an atmosphere for every occasion by making all the lights work together.

  8. Your Amazon Echo or Google Home

    Many of the above applications are combined in this single device, which controls everything. But you can ask this assistant for lots of other things too, such as the weather forecast or for a pizza delivery to your home.

  9. Your car

    An increasing number of cars can be controlled remotely, not just those from top manufacturers. Of course, you can’t control them like you do a toy car, but via the Internet you can make sure your windshield is defrosted before you go out.

So you see, the future is closer and more exciting than you think!


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