Fiber comes to Westerlo !

Published on 03/09/2021 in Be the first to know

Good news: ultra-fast and stable internet is coming to your home! fiber allows you to surf, download, stream and play online with real comfort, even when the whole family is connected at the same time.

Fiber comes to Westerlo !

As part of the acceleration of the fiber rollout, Proximus has teamed up with network builder Fiberklaar to deploy fiber in Flanders: it's now Westerlo’s turn!

If a sufficient number of inhabitants of Westerlo requests the connection, the network builder Fiberklaar will install the fiber network!

In order to benefit from the free installation of the fiber, register your interest in fiber today !

Fiberklaar will then start to install the fiber for an effective activation around Q2 2022.

Is your address covered by the deployment of fiber?

I check my fiber eligibility

Your address is well eligible for Fiber? Then Discover all the info, and ask for your free installation according to your profile on :


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