Mazout as a Service

Published on 19/09/2016 in Inspire

Mazout as a Service

I subscribe to Mazout as a Service. Using a sensor on my tank, my heating oil supplier knows exactly when he needs to come and make a delivery. So there are no more panicstricken phone calls because we are about to run out. They deliver automatically within two days when we’re down to 300 liters.

Today’s a day like that. I’ve just had an e-mail to say that the tanker is on its way. At the same time, I got a text from the hospital. I’m a heart specialist and a patient with a heart problem is on the way in. Strange, first an e-mail from the heating oil supplier, then just a little later a text from the hospital. Is there a connection?

Apparently there is. On the way to my house, the heating oil supplier goes past the weekly market in the village. Despite the fact that it says on digital screens that lorries can’t go through the center at the moment. An ANPR (automatic number-plate recognition) camera locates him and a report comes in to the police. An officer goes along and stops the lorry. 

Just behind the lorry, a car has to brake sharply. The driver collides with the lorry and falls unconscious. Thanks to an eCall, the emergency services are informed automatically. The nearest ambulance is sent along via track-and-trace and gets there within two minutes. The doctors discover that the driver has a heart condition. They inform the A&E department, and I’m called. The circle is complete; that’s the way it is with all this new technology now.

In the past, the situation would probably have unfolded like this. No heating oil left. So it’s cold at home. I call the supplier several times. He promises that he’ll come next week, because it’s market day today. Two weeks later, he comes along safe and sound. In the meantime, we’re ill with colds. So I’m not at work today.

In short, thanks to all these new technologies, I have heating oil on time, an extra patient and no flu!

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