The human side of customer relationships

Published on 30/03/2015 in Inspire

The human side of customer relationships

Many new books discuss the growing intellect of our computers, but in his latest book ‘When digital becomes human’, marketer Steven Van Belleghem takes a step back to focus on our human capital.

It’s evident that many jobs will be automated out eventually. The hype around digital transformation, however, is causing the value that companies can create with their people to be pushed to the background. ‘When digital becomes human’ points to your relationship with your customers. “Two out of three consumers think that the personal touch in business is extremely important. No one thinks it doesn’t matter at all,” Van Belleghem writes. “However, this specific aspect is often undervalued.”
The author is convinced that companies should invest in defining not only their digital interfaces, but also their human visage. “Our left brains are blown out of the water by the power of computers, but those same machines can’t hold a candle to the abilities of our right brains,” Van Belleghem states. There are three crucial areas where humans outmatch the capabilities of a computer: passion, creativity, and empathy. Customers will value these typically human values.

Unlike Van Belleghem’s previous books (‘The Conversation Manager’ and ‘The Conversation Company’), this tome isn’t an action plan or specifi c approach. It’s a more strategic and reflexive, and in a sense noble book.


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