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What is Sortlist’s Nicolas Finet doing to prepare for the future?

Published on 14/11/2018 in Tech, tips & tricks

What is Sortlist’s Nicolas Finet doing to prepare for the future?

Sortlist is an independent Belgian platform that specializes in putting businesses in touch with communication agencies. The scale-up was born in 2015.

Integrate digital into your marketing approach

When our adventure first began in 2015, there were four of us. Now there are 37, in seven countries throughout the world. Growth that we owe, above all, to our fully digital marketing approach, adapted in line with the target. Thanks to the web, we can meet clients and future clients at the exact moment they start a search.

Guide your business

Sortlist’s activities are delocalized and generate huge quantities of data. To ensure we always have a 360° view, we integrate these data into a Business
Intelligence (BI) tool. The instant dashboard obtained is the key to proactivity: confirm the chosen course and adjust if necessary, before a problem even arises.

Use the data you have within reach

To study a market, we focus solely on the most qualitative data available on the web. This enables us to detect trends, analyze trends and quickly grasp the potential of a market. Tools that are virtually free, such as Google Trends, will in particular point you to opportunities that you may not have thought of.

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