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Why fiber is essential for your business?

Solutionsby One25/11/2016

Why fiber is essential for your business?


For some time now, Proximus has been busy rolling out fiber connections to companies and industrial sites. What could this mean for your business and what can you expect from it? Tania Defraine and Nicolas Viane from Proximus’ Enterprise Business Unit discuss the advantages.

According to Tania Defraine, the advantages of fiber are easily summed up. “The bandwidth via fiber is many times what is possible with copper wire. In the future, that is sure to be important: at the moment, data usage in Belgium doubles about every year. From 2020, usage will increase eightfold every year. The number of devices connected is rising sharply, too. Fiber is the only solution to meet these bandwidth needs.” With fiber, all Internet, telephone and videoconferencing applications can easily use the same connection – the bandwidth is there, after all. “One of the big advantages of this is that the latency is far lower. Data are sent though virtually without any delay. With telephone calls and videoconferencing, that means very stable connections and great image and sound quality.”

Opening a tap

Fiber makes it possible to adapt the bandwidth in line with the customer’s wishes. “Our offer ranges from 2 megabits to as much as 10 gigabits per second. A business can start with 10 megabits, but switch to about 100 megabits if need be. For us, it’s simply a question of opening the tap wider.” Now that more and more companies are discovering the advantages of the cloud, it is important for them to be able to establish a fast connection with this infrastructure. Fiber can do that, too. Tania Defraine: “Fiber provides for symmetrical up- and downloading speeds, so that uploading is as fast as downloading. That makes the cloud experience a lot better.”

Safe cloud

“That applies just as much for the Proximus Secure Hybrid Cloud application,” Nicolas Viane chips in. “Hybrid cloud forms the bridge between the infrastructure on the company’s own network (private cloud) and public cloud environments. A typical example is disaster recovery: if something major happens and the site is no longer operational, our infrastructure takes over everything and the users are transferred to our cloud.” With Secure Hybrid Cloud, the distribution between the cloud and the company’s own infrastructure is always optimal, too. Capacity is simply added as needed. Of course, the whole platform is thoroughly protected. “The digital transformation is completely changing the way we think about teleworking or cloud applications,” says Viane. “Employees quite simply expect their employers to keep up.”

Case by case

Proximus fiber is now available at about 5,500 sites. Over the next five years, the rollout will be substantially speeded up. “Companies established outside these sites can already request fiber, too,” stresses Defraine. “We look at what is possible case by case and make customized proposals.”

Business benefits
  • Very high bandwidth, both up and down
  • Very low latency
  • Bandwidth scalability
  • Symmetric or asymmetric connections possible
More info?

Contact your account manager or go to www.proximus.be/fiber 



One magazine is the Proximus B2B magazine for CIOs and IT professionals in large and medium-sized organisations.

One magazine is the Proximus B2B magazine for CIOs and IT professionals in large and medium-sized organisations.

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