Voice over IP (VoIP)

Superior call quality (QoS)

  • Cost reduction
  • Belgian and foreign numbers
  • Integration in IT applications

Calling through your data line

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology enabling voice transmission over IP data networks such as the Internet or private MPLS networks (Explore).

The advantages are plentiful: a single network (LAN, WAN, SD-WAN), Unified Communications (UC): phone calls, instant messaging and video conferencing, integration in telephone exchanges, collaboration platforms and CRM-ERP applications, management in the cloud, teleworking,… Choose your VoIP solution for one or more sites, in Belgium and abroad.

The prices indicated on this page may be subject to price indexation as of 01/07/23. For more info on new prices, please consult proximus.be/tariffs.

How to choose the best VoIP solution?

  1. Choose your VoIP service
  2. Choose your landline rate plan
  3. Opt for the all-in solution

1. Choose your VoIP service

Phone Line Enterprise

  • 1 site
  • 1 simultaneous call

Enterprise Voice

  • 1 site
  • 2 - 120 simultaneous calls
  • Belgian numbers

Up to 29 simultaneous calls
21.99 /month

From 30 simultaneous calls
11 /month

Business Trunking

  • Multiple sites
  • Number of simultaneous calls: customized
  • Belgian and foreign numbers
  • Available in 19 countries

2. Choose your landline rate

Call Credit

  • Call credit for all your company's numbers
  • Preferential rates to fixed and mobile numbers in Belgium and abroad
  • The more calls you make, the cheaper it gets

Unlimited Calls

  • Landline rate plan for a selection of numbers
  • Unlimited calls to fixed numbers in Belgium
  • 1000 call minutes to mobile numbers in Belgium

Unlimited Calls

  • Landline rate plan for a selection of numbers
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile numbers in Belgium
  • 1000 minutes of calls to international fixed and mobile numbers

3. Opt for the all-in solution

Fixed Voice Infinity

  • All-in-one solution that includes VoIP service and unlimited calls in Belgium and abroad
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile numbers in Belgium
  • 5000 call minutes to international fixed and mobile numbers with Fixed Voice Infinity Europe of World(PDF, 113 KB)

Solution for elevators, alarms and monitoring

Service Pro Line

  • 1 site
  • Backup in case of power failure
  • Up to 8 simultaneous calls
  • Rate plan included

27.50 /month

What are SIP, SIP trunk and SIP trunking?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a data transport protocol for Unified Communications (UC). SIP trunk is an IP link between your telephone exchange or collaboration platform and the public telephone network, to exchange your communications via the SIP protocol. The SIP trunk is sized by the number of voice channels or simultaneous communications.

SIP trunking is the optimized method for sharing a line with multiple users to exchange your Unified Communications over the Internet or your IP MPLS private network (Explore).

Customer stories

Business Trunking handles all IP telephony between sites via Proximus Explore.

Michel Derycke, ICT Project Manager at Ajinomoto Omnichem

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If we're interested in capitalizing even more on e-commerce prospects, I think that a faster connection will also benefit customers.

Eric Wieme, IT and Network Manager

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The work will become more fluid and it will be easier to reach us. The speed of the connection will make it easier to intervene. There will be new benefits for the public too with new services.

Richard Mikut, IT Development Manager at the intermunicipal environmental management company Hygea

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First of all, we work with VoIP, so all our telephony runs through the new line. That means that a fast and stable connection is very useful.

Rik Walraevens, co-owner Schevenels Project Interieurs

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Prisons are going digital

VoIP will be available in the cells so that prisoners no longer have to make calls in the corridor; and digital television is also underway. In time, that digital device will evolve into a service platform, for purchasing products from the canteen, ordering a film or borrowing a book, among other things.

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