Read for you: Badass, Making Users Awesome

by One magazineRead for you14/06/2015

Read for you: Badass, Making Users Awesome


What is it about?

The product doesn’t sell itself, it’s the user who makes it a success.

One business goes bust and another in the same sector grows to become a billion-dollar company. Why is that? It’s not because the successful company’s products are so much better, but because they have succeeded in representing something for their users. They understand that it’s not what they make that determines their success, but what users do with it. Too many companies still assume it’s all about their products, while consumers want something that will make their life better, easier or more fun. This is all that interests them. Word of Mouth becomes Word of Obvious: users who produce great work using the product, such as a camera, don’t even need to say anything: the photos tell the story.

Why you should read it?
In a light but lucid style with dozens of photos and infographics, the author explains how to turn ordinary users into badass users. The book is a crash course in creating the ideal context to give your customers a positive experience.

Kathy Sierra is an American writer and programmer who has been publishing on business, user experience and customer loyalty for fifteen years. She was involved in the production of various video games, wrote educational software and gave courses in programming techniques. Together with her husband, Bert Bates, she is the author of the Head First range about technical computer topics.

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