New perspectives for Oona CEO Werner De Smet

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New perspectives for Oona CEO Werner De Smet
For communication and PR agency Oona, with offices in Antwerp and Amsterdam, it’s all about people. So CEO Werner De Smet did not have to think for long when we asked where he gets his inspiration.

The millennials

My biggest source of inspiration are my employees. The average age here is about 26, almost half my age. They think and live very differently from my generation. They want to have the feeling that they exert a real impact on our company. That calls for a different style of operational management. So I like to listen to them often.

High up on a mountain

I have to be able to look at my organization from a distance. I take that fairly literally, so I regularly go off to the mountains with my friends or my family. I can only really let go of everything when I’m high up there. It’s just as if the panoramic view gives me new insights into what is happening down below.

Mirror, mirror

I like to test my thoughts against my partners. They hold a mirror up in front of me, and vice versa. In the past that sometimes led to conflict, because we have four totally different personalities. But for some time now, four times a year we find an inspiring location outside the office. When I get back, I always weigh three kilos less. All my cares have gone.

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