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On/off: what if the lights go out?

Published on 21/03/2015 in Solutions & services

On/off: what if the lights go out?

It’s important that your organization is well prepared for a power cut. The keywords here are inform, collaborate and availability.

It is vitally important that you inform your customers, staff and suppliers properly about impending power cuts. Both in advance – when a power cut is planned – as well as during and after an unexpected blackout. With Crisis Communication Manager of Proximus, you can send out messages via an online environment to your staff, customers, etc. You define the communication channel – telephone, text or e-mail – per target group and set up the procedures in advance. The software is accessible via an Internet connection, so there’s no need to install anything locally or make major investments. Crisis Communication Manager can even be activated online, via an app or by simply sending a text message with a specific code word. So that is all you need if your own systems are no longer working.

Rerouting incoming phone calls
Informing is one thing. The work needs to carry on too, even during a power cut. Customers and suppliers must still be able to contact you. The Voice Managed Services (VMS) of Proximus operate in normal circumstances to always answer phone calls from your customers via rerouting, both quickly and professionally. During a power cut, you can, using VMS Call Center, reroute the incoming calls to your company via the network to a different fixed or mobile number. That keeps your company contactable and keeps your image and customer satisfaction ratings intact. Another possibility within the VMS range of services is the Disaster Recovery Solution, a full backup for your Proximus telephone services or your contact center. Your organization then continues to receive calls that would normally be lost when disaster strikes, without you needing to make any modifications to your existing IT infrastructure.

Flexible diversion to a different location
Proactive companies that already ensure optimal business continuity and productivity, will have a lot of possibilities to hand that can be deployed successfully during a power cut. Employees who have a connection that allows them to work at every location and with every device, can work somewhere else just as efficiently as at the office. Proximus has a variety of options for getting that properly organized in a secure manner. The Proximus Explore network is the basis for a secure network within your company. It links all your locations and employees within the country and abroad. Flexible working at each location is then absolutely no problem; videoconferencing makes collaboration with colleagues or external contacts more efficient. It is also interesting to offer connectivity, communication and/or devices as a fringe benefit. That is possible with the Starter Packs for Employees, Mobile for Employees and Devices for Employees. In combination with teleworking solutions such as Explore teleworking, Mobile Intranet and Virtual Desktop (VDI) it provides a work environment that is just as well secured and provides the same performance as back in the office.

A backup of everything
Remote working can only take place if the operating systems and data are always available. That can be done with the Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) from Proximus. With this, you not only keep a backup of the data but also of the complete operating environment, including the physical or virtual servers. Because it is a cloud service, the solution is rapidly available in a flexible manner, without investment in one’s own infrastructure and management. In the event of a power cut, the backup can serve as a fallback. This means that the users can keep on working without any problems. Every user’s environment can be rapidly repaired with the Office Recovery service.

Proximus-datacenters immune to power cuts
An announced power cut or blackouts have no impact on the availability of the Proximus-datacenters. Thanks to the autonomous and abundantly available power supply, they never lose power. Customers can therefore always count on the continuity of the service.
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Business benefits
  • Assured business continuity
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Mobile employees


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