NWOW Community’s fourth Ambassador Day

by One magazineNews04/06/2015

NWOW Community’s fourth Ambassador Day
The NWOW Community has been founded to promote the New Way of Working (NWOW) in all its forms. Companies that introduce the NWOW evaluate their employees on results, stimulate working independently of time and place, and help ensure the balance between work and personal life.

That pays off. Since Proximus started the New Way of Working internally, the people who regularly work at home are 24% more satisfied with their work-life balance. In addition, 56% of the team leaders see a rise in productivity. 

On April 21 the NWOW Community organized the fourth Ambassador Day. It focused specifically on the public sector and the healthcare and educational sectors. Yves Demaertelaere from the Brothers of Charity and Alex Van Loon from the Province of Antwerp explained how their organizations have introduced the NWOW, each in its own way. And with results, because in the schools of the Brothers of Charity the teachers now have less stress and the students get better job counseling. In the Province of Antwerp the 1,688 employees can work in a more results-oriented way from flexible workplaces, supported by flexible IT. Read the full report in French or in Dutch.

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