New perspectives for Kathleen Claes, CEO of The JAVA Coffee Company

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New perspectives for Kathleen Claes, CEO of The JAVA Coffee Company
The Java Company family business was established 80 years ago. In February 2016, the firm sold Java Foods so as to focus once more on its core business: coffee. That same month, Kathleen Claes took over at the helm as CEO.

All heading in the same direction

Two years ago, we started a values and standards process with consultant Tommy Verlinden. For a year, in workshops at all levels, he pointed everyone in the same direction again. I am struck by the fact that, since then, people have been greeting one another in the corridors again. That’s hugely important to me. 

Leadership starts with yourself

I recently started following a one-year leadership course at Voka. I am not only learning concrete communication techniques but, above all, I have been able to follow an ‘Insight Discovery Profile’. In this profile, on the basis of questions, you find out more about yourself and about how others see you. That’s particularly instructive.

On the bedside table

At the moment I have Tony Crabbe’s ‘Nooit meer te druk’ (Never again too busy) on my bedside table. The book contains tips on how to clear your head in an overcrowded world. It seems as if everyone has too much on their plate these days, but the writer demonstrates very well how we often make ourselves too busy. I read a few tips every evening.

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