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International network à la carte

Published on 10/07/2015 in Tech, tips & tricks

 International network à la carte

Do you have foreign branches too, and are you looking for a safe and reliable network to connect all your locations? Choose your bandwidth, technology, etc., yourself for a customized network.

The Explore network from Proximus is a private network available throughout Belgium. It connects different business sites and employees with each other via a private network. Companies with a head office in Belgium can connect not only their Belgian branches, but also foreign business locations with each other. So you get one, single network. Collaborations have been set up for this purpose with various national and international partners like Telindus Telecom from Luxembourg, BICS, etc. The network is available virtually worldwide via various technologies.

Made to measure

Explore International is not a ready-made product; it’s completely made to measure for each client. You send your requirements to your account manager, who puts together the ideal profi le for your company. You can, among other things, choose the technology you prefer to work with (fi ber optic, Ethernet, etc.) and the bandwidth you want (from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps). Regardless of the connection you choose, your network is continuously protected from malware thanks to an integrated fi rewall in the cloud with fi ltering and monitoring of your data traffic. Thanks to redundant connections for backup, the safety of your data and (multimedia) applications is also guaran- teed. With Explore the route to the cloud lies open, so that your employees can easily work from anywhere, nationally and internationally.

One point of contact

You can contact your own account manager for all your commercial and operational questions about your international network. You can count on support via the helpdesk that can be reached 24/7, both in Belgium and from outside the country. Availability is guaranteed too via a solid SLA, in which you can choose between differ- ent levels of subscription.

Business benefits
  • International private network with secure access
  • One single point of contact (SPOC) for the entire network
  • Business continuity thanks to proactive monitoring
  • Cost-effective and fl exible for easy addition of sites and upgrades

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