Gerhanko is always connected thanks to fiber

Published on 16/02/2022 in Customer Stories

Gerhanko is always connected thanks to fiber

Up until early 2020, bailiff company Gerhanko from Kortrijk was connected to the outside world by a VDSL line. This was then exchanged for fiber, something which the bailiffs themselves have been very happy with.

Gerhanko is located in an old tile factory on an industrial estate in Kortrijk. About two years ago, the site was connected to fiber. "Pretty much all of our communication to the outside world is electronic these days, so we were definitely interested in that," says Master Wouter Libbrecht. "Then, when it also turned out that the connection was free, the decision was an easy one."

With the excellent bandwidth that Fiber offers and with Remote Desktop, our new bailiffs and their staff can log into our databases from their new locations. For us, fiber is a future-proof solution.

Master Wouter Libbrecht, bailiff at Gerhanko

The price was certainly not insignificant, but there were other, additional motives at play. “For us, this is also a guarantee of the future." Soon, two of our staff members will be appointed as bailiffs and they will be stationed in two new branches. Through Remote Desktop, they (and their new staff members) can log into our databases from their new location. Fiber, of course, offers them excellent bandwidth."

"These are new ways of doing things that would have been a lot harder to achieve a few years ago," says the bailiff. "I suspect that without fiber, any of this would have been far less likely anyway."

Bailiff company Gerhanko is a partnership of nine bailiffs from the Kortrijk area and has recently expanded to include two bailiffs in Ypres and one bailiff in Veurne. The history of the firm goes back more than forty years.

For Outpost, cyber and gaming cafés in Antwerp, Brussels and Gent, a fast and stable Internet connection is an absolute lifeline. Using Fiber means that that is not a problem.

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