Elke Jeurissen: “Sharing experiences makes us stronger”

Published on 22/12/2016 in Inspire

Elke Jeurissen: “Sharing experiences makes us stronger”

There's no doubt that new perspectives are good for your company. But where do you find them? In this issue Elke Jeurissen, managing partner of Glassroots and the passionate lady behind the Straffe Madammenclub, talks about her sources of inspiration.

“I set up the Straffe Madammenclub (the Passionate Ladies' club) three and a half years ago, when I realized that there is a great deal of female talent to be found in the business world, politics, art and academic circles, but that these women also have a tendency to hide away. For instance, did you know that barely 25% of the experts consulted in news programs are women, or just 15% of conference speakers? 

With the Straffe Madammenclub, I aim to make women more visible. For example, every month I organize a network event with a female speaker. I notice that it gives me a lot of energy. Sharing experiences with one another makes us stronger. It helps us find the strength to accept that request for an interview or that invitation to speak at a conference. Dare to really go for that promotion, to put ourselves forward and be visible.

On the other hand, it takes a lot of my energy to bring groups of people together both at Glassroots and in the Straffe Madammenclub. So now and again I have to take some time out. On my own. Then I write or read, or I go walking or cycling in the countryside. I need that balance.”

Elke Jeurissen
  • Managing partner of Glassroots, consultancy firm on stakeholder participation, together with Cato Léonard
  • Founder of the Straffe Madammenclub
  • Former spokeswomen of the federal minister for Public Enterprises


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