Beobank deploys its new Service Center in Brussels

Published on 26/03/2014 in Customer Stories

Beobank deploys its new Service Center in Brussels

Each month, the Beobank Service Center processes some 30,000 incoming calls. In just three months, the bank reintegrated and relocated this activity which was previously outsourced to Barcelona, choosing to fully incorporate it into the company’s Brussels headquarters. A strategic decision allowing them to be closer to the customer’s needs, which also enabled significant technological gains in the telephone functionalities, thanks to the solution implemented by Belgacom and Voxtron.


Beobank positions itself as a local Belgian bank committed to improving the quality of life for its private customers. It offers targeted banking solutions tailored to some 423,000 customers each day. Purchased in 2012 by a new shareholder, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe (CMNE), it had to deal with the planned closure of its Call Center based in Barcelona. “We could have recreated an identical structure in Belgium or elsewhere, but we made a different strategic choice that would allow us to offer an optimal quality of customer service, which could be continuously improved,” explains Eric Vermesse, head of the Service Center.

Beobank thus decided to create a new Service Center integrated into the bank and to make this the primary gateway for customers “who would find answers there concerning all of the bank’s products”. “The goal is also to use the department as an opportunity to train young people with high potential for the future of the bank, closer to the customers. It offers a real starting point for their training, entirely within the bank,” adds Vermesse.

Flawless integration…

From February 2013 onwards, the teams at Beobank began analyzing the processes and defining the structure to be put in place. After the call for tenders, the one submitted jointly by Belgacom and Voxtron was selected. “The two partners had already implemented a similar system for our ‘Collections’ department. Their experience and the highly positive results of this previous collaboration obviously worked in their favor. The ease-of-use, integration into the bank’s existing systems and the confidence in the timing of the implementation were key factors in the decision to choose Belgacom-Voxtron,” he noted.

Because the timing was tight, the implementation phase that started on September 1 absolutely had to be finished on 30 November, the date on which the Call Center in Barcelona was to close. “We were working in parallel from day one. Only overflow calls were still handled in Barcelona. Everything took place with full transparency for the customers.”

… And a technological leap

Although it is still too soon to draw any conclusions from the project, one thing is already clear: “The technological leap has been considerable. And we were able to switch to a ‘full IP’ solution in record time,” explains the head of the Service Center.

As for the ROI, Mr. Vermesse considers that the project’s strategic dimension needs to be taken into account, beyond the strictly the financial aspect. “We haven’t just relocated a call center. Moving this department involves other dimensions: greater integration of the Service Center into the bank, smoother communication between the departments, the proximity to the customer and the mobility of talent within the bank. This is a cost-benefit ratio that is difficult to quantify but we believe it will be a positive one,” he concludes.

Company Profile

Beobank is a Belgian bank that primarily serves a private clientele. Through a network of 192 branch offices, the bank helps its 423,000 customers realize their personal goals by offering payment solutions, savings, consumer credit, insurance and flexible and innovative investments, which are provided in a spirit of responsibility and with respect for each customer.

Since 30 April 2012, Beobank has been part of the group Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe (CMNE), the largest bank in northern France. CMNE is a mutual bank that places dialogue and the needs of its customers and shareholders at the heart of its activities. Together, these two entities form a solid and stable, forward-looking banking group, which aims above all to be a partner and adviser to its customers. CMNE and Beobank are not publicly listed companies, which means that they are sheltered from the vagaries of the financial markets and the related pressures for short-term thinking.

Business benefits
  • Better integration of the Service Center into the bank’s strategy
  • Technological advance and opportunities for development
  • Basis for staff mobility and training
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