New prospects for Patricia Alen, director of Group A.

Published on 21/11/2017 in Inspire

New prospects for Patricia Alen, director of Group A.

A breath of fresh air has been blowing through Belisol and Kwadro for the past few years. This has a lot to do with the arrival of Patricia Alen as director of Group A, the family business that oversees Belisol and Kwadro. We asked her what drives her.

Conversations as a source of inspiration

I regularly take part in working groups on the subject of family businesses. I always learn a lot from conversations with the entrepreneurs I meet there. But in fact, all my social contacts are like that. Including, and perhaps even especially, the conversations that have nothing to do with business. Such as at the art school for instance, or with the family. That’s where you hear about what people are really interested in. 

Deadlines as an incentive

I am very sensitive to stimuli. When I go to conferences and trade fairs or on city trips, I pick up everything around me. I’m constantly e-mailing ideas to myself. But sometimes I lose my focus as a result. Then a tight deadline helps. A good deadline gives me direction and motivation to transform these ideas into reality. 

Facing the mirror

At the start of this year we started a Customer Delight process. The aim is to achieve more lasting customer relations. The consultant examines every aspect of our company and tells us what we are doing right and where we don’t put our customers first enough. He holds up a mirror for us. Sometimes it’s confrontational, but it’s bracing. It makes you want to go a step further. 


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