MPLS based private connectivity

Modern companies need adaptable ICT infrastructures and services, which can operate without interruption. That is precisely why Proximus has combined its various networks into a single MPLS-based infrastructure offering IP & Ethernet services.

Whether your customer is a single-site or a multi-site company, Explore provides you with a highly flexible, secure and future-proof network. Once your central site is connected to the Explore platform, you can offer “off-net” connectivity to your customers.

Key features

Explore Ethernet VPN enables you to interconnect in a redundant manner your network to the Proximus network. Network to Network Interfaces (NNIs) are setup via Explore Ethernet VPN to your PoPs (Central sites). This allows you to aggregate traffic from your customers (Remote sites) onto your own network.

For Direct Internet Access (DIA) the Explore portfolio offers Explore Mono sites topologies offering Unsecure Internet Access to your Customer.

Should you want Proximus to manage a premium grade IP VPN solution to your customers, Explore IPVPN services are also offered.


A fast, secure and future-proof network solution, and completely private

A broad range of access types connect your customers and their sites to your network. To allow maximum security your different customers are connected to their own private instance within the Proximus Explore network (MPLS-based).

Flexible and scalable

The Explore solution offers you the flexibility to add additional sites and connect new customers to your network, allowing you to rapidly increase your “off-net” coverage within Belgium.

Nationwide coverage

The nationwide network of Proximus allows you to rely on one provider to connect your customers in Belgium.

  • A 24/7 monitoring ensures that you have a reliable solution towards your end-customers.
  • With several Service Level Agreements and backup-services you can tailor your solution towards your customers’ needs and offer a guaranteed repair within 2 hours.
Extensive range of options and services
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Back-up services
  • Internet Access
  • Integrated Security are some of the available options and services
Operational ease through E-Services

The interaction between you and Proximus is facilitated thanks to several e-Services, such as:

  • Online availability checks (also via XML interface)
  • e-Ordering forms
  • e-Order Status to track and view your orders
  • Incident management etc.

Technical Documents