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Interconnect & Transit

Proximus provides carriers within Belgium with a range of voice services enabling them to deliver high-quality national voice services while minimizing their investment in infrastructure


Termination for voice traffic to destinations connected to the national network.

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National Transit

Enable any-to-any connectivity through our interconnections with operators in Belgium.

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Carrier Select & Preselect

Enables operators within Belgium to deliver national or international voice services to end-users.

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Managed Services

Proximus national voice services provide carriers with a wide range of value-added services, to make their offer more attractive. These can be linked to the carrier’s own services, or to those provided by Proximus.

Explore Business Trunking

Allows you to offer convergent solution to your corporate customers.

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Hosted VOIP

Allows you to address Mass Market customers relying on our networking solution.

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Reference Offers

BRIO - Proximus Reference Interconnect Offer

Conditions to access national switched voice network.

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BMRIO - Mobile Reference Interconnect Offer

Conditions for terminating voice traffic to the mobile network of Proximus.

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Performance Indicator

The Wholesales KPI's are published in execution of the decision of the BIPT dated 23/05/2007.

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