BRUO - Proximus Reference Unbundled Local Loop Offer

A regulated offer that enables operators to deliver raw copper and shared pair services

Regulated offer

The version 3 of the Proximus Reference ULL Offer (BRUO - MSO & Servicing version) has been approved by BIPT on 29/01/2021 and is published here below. Compared to the previous version, the following changes have been integrated in this new version:

  • Addendum "CT & Partner repair” approved by the BIPT on 29/01/2021– changes are highlighted in YELLOW
  • Addendum "Revision of the SNA monthly rental fee” approved by the BIPT on 11/06/2021– changes are highlighted in TURQUOISE

Key features

Raw copper

If you are an operator in Belgium, and are colocated within a Proximus exchange, our Raw Copper offer provides you with complete control over the facilities connecting end-users to the Proximus network.

The conditions for this service are regulated, and published under Proximus Reference Unbundled Local Loop Offer (BRUO). The operator becomes the only provider of services and is therefore responsible for ensuring that requested services by the end-user are provided.


Shared pair

You may be an operator who only wants to provide data services to an end-user, and leave voice communication to Proximus. This is made possible through Proximus Shared Pair offer, where a splitter in the exchange allows you to share with Proximus the use of the pair of copper wires accessing the end-user.
The conditions for this service are regulated under Proximus Reference Unbundled Local Loop Offer (BRUO).



Any other additional relevant information can be downloaded on a secure web page. Any interested party has to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreements to obtain access to this page.

You can access this additional information on BRUO Raw Copper and on Shared Pair via your Personal Page.