Fixed Reference Interconnect Offer

BRIO - Fixed Reference Interconnect Offer (TDM)

Defines the technical, operational and financial terms and conditions under which Proximus will provide access to its national switched voice network to other licensed operators within Belgium, so that they can provide services to end-users.

Interconnection services

In order to avoid any misunderstanding in this respect, Proximus hereby would like to confirm that, subject to what is stated below, the BRIO 2006 including its addenda remains valid after the 31 December 2006 and this for an undefined period. Proximus also would like to remind you of the fact that Proximus may modify the BRIO in accordance with the regulatory framework.

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key features

  • Regulated offer
  • Based on SDH technology
  • Allows to access Proximus fixed network
  • Possibility to collect, transit and terminate traffic