Carrier Services

Carrier Services

Easily grab the digital market with Carrier Services

As a provider wishing to offer Fast Internet services in Belgium, you can benefit from a one-stop shop offer and interconnect at any one of our defined Proximus Access Points, to provide high-speed Fast Internet access to your end-users.

Proximus provides the connection requirements and repair processes at both the physical and the transport level, including the local loop, DSLAM, ROP, LEX, Ethernet transport, MSR/BAS. You provide the first-line help desk and repair for end-users, next to end-user billing and marketing.

The product offer is structured around different combinations of profiles (speeds & volumes) and options:

Available profiles

Based on your needs, Proximus can offer different profiles.

The available profiles differ in the allowed volume, speeds and technology (ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL and GPON). The available speeds can be up to 100 Mbps in VDSL and 1Gbps in GPON, offering your end-users high speed connectivity. For an in-depth description of the available profiles, the exact conditions and availability, please contact your dedicated account manager or contact us by e-mail.

With or without voice (only applicable for xDSL products, not for GPON)

Choose whether you want your end-users to have a fixed Proximus line ("With Voice") or none ("Without Voice).

Business Pack

For your professional end-users a fixed IP address is a must. The Business Pack option allows you to offer this service on the Go and Plus profiles.

Improved SLA (ISLA)

A timely repair of the offered service is of great importance for your end-users’ satisfaction. An Improved SLA will ensure that strict resolution timers are respected for your repair tickets. Proximus offers you 2 types of ISLAs, according to your needs: Silver & Gold.

For your professional end-users Proximus advises the Gold ISLA in order to offer them a best-in-class repair service.


Proximus offers:
  • An internet access solution with one single interconnection point
  • Full connectivity (end-user to ROP/DSLAM/LEX to MSR) and transport (Ethernet) between end-user and Provider Access Point(s)
  • 1st line repair for Provider access line
  • 2nd line repair for all end-user network related issues
  • Provisioning interfaces (through SOA & GUI)
Provider is responsible for:
  • First line helpdesk and repair for any questions from end-users
  • End-user Billing and Marketing
  • Radius server (mandatory) and IP pools
  • Internet Connectivity (or Direct Internet Access service)
  • End-users’ modems (compliant modem in ADSL/ADSL2+/GPON, b-box in VDSL2) management
  • DNS, email & web services

If you have any questions regarding the Carrier Services offer and the benefits it can offer you, please contact your dedicated account manager or contact us by e-mail.