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A regulated offer that enables operators to place equipment in Proximus local exchanges to access end-users

This offer sets out a range of very specific conditions under which you, as an operator in Belgium, may place your equipment within a Proximus Technical Building in order to access customers and/or interconnect with other operators.

The conditions for this service are regulated under Proximus's Reference Interconnect Offer (BRIO), Proximus's Reference Unbundled Local Loop Offer (BRUO) and Proximus's Reference Offer for Bitstream Access (BROBA).

Proximus Wholesale's colocation offers includes conditions for:

  • Pre-provisioning: governing the facilities to be pre-installed in the exchange, and
  • Provisioning: which covers the ordering of a service for a specific end-user.

Regulated offer

Colocation regulated offer

The present agreements and the respective appendices, as published on this website, have been submitted to the BIPT.

Network Transformation Impact

Please note that the colocation services are strongly impacted by Proximus adaptations and upgrades of its telecommunications infrastructure.

We invite you to take the present information into account in your commercial and investment decisions.

For more information, refer to the Network Transformation Outlook section of the Access website.


Colocation information

Any other additional relevant information can be downloaded on a secure web page. Only customers that signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with Proximus will obtain access to this page.

Go to the secured area via your Personal Page for additional information on:

  • Process & Procedures
  • Operational information
  • Contacts