Regulated offer

You will find below the latest version 4 of the BROTSoLL offer. Compared to the previous version, the following changes have been integrated in this new version:

  • Addendum "10 GE Access line" approved by BIPT on 14/12/2016 – changes are highlighted in GREEN,
  • Addendum “Distant Intro offer for 03CEN and 91GKK”, approved by BIPT on 28/08/2017 – changes are highlighted in RED,
  • Addendum “Feasibility feedback and timing estimates for fiber installation”, approved by BIPT on 03/10/2014 – changes are highlighted in BLUE,
  • Addendum “Update on protocol transparency”, approved by BIPT on 22/01/2016 – changes are highlighted in PINK
Communication related to BROTSoLL promo

From 16/09/2019 until 15/09/2020 Proximus offers a temporary promo list price on the NGLL 100 Mbps profile.

Shall you be interested to receive more details about this temporary action, please contact your Proximus Wholesale Account Team.

Communication related to BROTSoLL 2008

For sake of clarity, Proximus also informs you that it has introduced a claim before the Court of Appeal of Brussels requesting that said BIPT decisions of January 30, 2008 and September 3, 2008 are declared void.

In that respect, without prejudice to negotiations between the parties, Proximus reserves the right to withdraw the offer contained in these addenda of 2008 and to apply retroactively to the concerned lines the formerly applicable standard rates and standard contractual terms and conditions applicable to the regulated products and to invoice the penalties and any other compensation due in case of termination of the leased lines in the event that the recourse before the Court of Appeal of Brussels related to the BIPT decisions of January 30, 2008 and September 3, 2008 would be successfully reactivated or in the event the concerned decision(s) is (are) withdrawn.


BROTSoLL can offer digital leased line connectivity, point to point Ethernet connectivity and Next Generation leased line connectivity to the Proximus Wholesales colocation of licensed operators in Belgium.