Transit Services

Connect in a simple way your customers to all Belgian numbers


The transit services allow you to connect your customers with all possible destinations in Belgium.

With a single interconnection, you can enjoy the Proximus network reach and quality for your voice traffic.

Key features

Destinations covered

  • Fixed
  • Mobile
  • Freephone
  • Premium numbers

Networks coverage

  • All mobile operators (including full MVNOs)
  • All fixed operators

Supported technologies

  • TDM (still supported for existing customers)
  • SIP for new interconnections


The transit services offer you many advantages

  • Simplicity, you need only 1 interconnection to reach all destinations
  • New operator is added when new interconnection is created
  • Rationalization of your network design
  • Easier billing activities with less providers
  • Less contracts to manage or negotiate
  • Single entry point for handling your repair ticket