Transfer a domain name

You can transfer your domain name received via Proximus to another provider, or from another provider to Proximus.

How to do it?

  1. Contact the DNS master of your current provider ( in the case of Proximus) to prevent this. Send him an e-mail on this model:
    Hello, I would like to transfer my .net domain name ( to another provider. To avoid the termination of my services related to this domain name,  pease also send me the domain name registrations linked to a mail server or web server (mx,cname...). Thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Mr. xxxxxx
  2. You will receive a transfer code on your e-mail address entered in the WHOIS. If your current provider is Proximus, you can check and/or modify the e-mail address entered in the WHOIS on MyProximus. Attention: the transfer code is only valid for 1 week. If you exceed this time, you will have to contact again to request a new code.
  3. Order your domain name (the one you want to transfer) from your new provider.
  4. Enter the transfer code that was sent to you on your WHOIS contact e-mail address on the site of your new provider.
  5. Check that the transfer was successful: go to and enter your domain name. The WHOIS information is displayed. Your former provider should no longer be displayed as a provider.