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Need help on V7 decoder?

Have you received your new V7 decoder?

Follow our tips to install and use it easily.

First steps

  • Installation: a problem to install your decoder? Consult our online guide. The default PIN code is 1234.
  • Your line number (NA) will be asked during the installation process. You can find it on your payment statement > Details of the payment statements > Tv section > column « Number ». It is also indicated in MyProximus > Products > Number indicated under TV.
  • Remote control: you have received a new remote control. Normally it is already universal, i.e. you can use it to control your decoder and TV. With Bluetooth, you also no longer have to point your remote at your TV. You can press simultaneously  and for 3 seconds to pair your remote.You need more info? We explain how to make it universal and enable bluetooth.
  • New interface: your decoder has a new interface. We will explain how to use it.


  • Live TV: if you are in any section of the menu press press or to go to live TV. To restart a live stream, press to show the playback screen and then select the restart button.
  • Press to access the TV guide: use the buttons to see programs of the selected channel up to 2 days in the past and 5 days in the future. You can also use and  to jump to the following day in the future or in the past.
  • TV channels and order: you can access your favourite channels by creating bookmarks.
  • TV options: press , and then Subscriptions. Press to see the channels included in each TV option. The Adult pass is not yet available on the V7. Please be patient.
  • Bonusfilms for Tuttimus clients are not supported on V7. You can still access them on your older decoder.
  • Reminders for Tv programs and ‘Add to favourites’ for Proximus VOD are not available yet on the V7.
  • Subtitles: if they exist, you can display subtitles for the current program by pressing  RC v7 subtitles key on the remote control or by pressing to show the playback screen and then the subtitles button. More info about subtitling.
  • Record a program: you can record a program, but with some limitations for the moment:  you cannot extend the records beyond 60 days yet.
  • Radio: quickly access the radios of your V7 decoder.
  • Vocal assistant: talk to your decoder and find easier what you are looking for.
  • Apps: connect to the Play Store and install apps. Proximus is not responsible for the content in the Android TV Google Play Store. It is up to the app developer to decide on which device and markets/countries they will open their app. If you are interested in having a particular application on the V7 decoder, you can spontaneously ask to the developer of the application to make it available for Android TV in Belgium.
  • Live TV:  if you are in any section of the menu press press or  to go to live TV. To restart a live stream, press  to show the playback screen and then select the restart button.
  • Your TV on demand content is accessible from the Home page > TV on demand section.


  • Energy consumption: you can reduce the consumption of your decoder.
  • Screen resolution: you can change the screen resolution in Settings > Device settings > Display > Resolution (you will need to restart your decoder).

A problem?

  • The image becomes black or an error code appears? Try to change the channel. It doesn't work? Restart your decoder.
  • Missing some episodes from your recorded series? It might be a glitch on the V7 but you can still access them on our Pickx app
  • The image on your TV is blocked? Restart your decoder. Press the button on the back of the decoder to turn it off. Wait about ten seconds and then turn it back on.
  • Chromecast does not work as expected? Remove the cache in the chromecast app and restart your decoder.
  • A white screen appears when ordering a subscription? You can order it again via MyProximus>Products>TV.
  • Your remote control no longer works? There may be no connection between your remote control and decoder.
    1. Remove the batteries from your remote control and put them back in place.
    2. In the TV menu, go on Settings > Device settings > Remotes & accessories > Select your remote control > Pair
    3. Now press the and keys simultaneously for some seconds. It doesn’t work? Reboot the decoder.
  • If you are a Tuttimus customer and you rent a Proximus VOD movie with a credit it might happen that you have to pay the rental fee in your next payment statement. Let us know if this occurs and we will reimburse you with a movie credit.

Do you have a question?

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