Test your internet speed, via wi-fi or cable

You can test the speed of the internet connection of your smartphone, tablet or computer via the MyProximus app or the MyProximus website.

To know and to do before the test

The results of the speed test can be influenced by:

  • The limits of technology wi-fi : you will never go as fast with Wi-Fi as with cable.
  • The number of people using the internet or TV at your home at the time of the test. For a reliable result, take the test when no one else is watching TV or surfing the internet.
  • The quality of your mobile phone, tablet or computer: older or very cheap devices are equipped with poorer quality wi-fi cards.
  • The status of your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Check that it is on top! To do this:
    1. Restart your device (especially computers).
    2. If necessary, update your browser, operating system and device.
    3. If there are any, use the utilities available on your device to check and improve its performance: empty the cache, clean cookies, disable power saving options...
    4. Check that your device is free of viruses, spyware or adware. We recommend NortonOpens a new window to protect your device.
    5. Close all other tabs and windows in your browser.
    6. Do not download while measuring your speed.
Internet speed may vary
Depending on the time, the device and the location, the speed of the internet will not always be the same. This is particularly the case for Wi-Fi.

Speed test via the MyProximus app (GSM and tablets)

  1. Check that the wi-fi is switched on on your device.
  2. Open the MyProximus application.
  3. Go to Products. Go down to Performance test.
  4. Press Start.

Speed test on the Proximus.be website

  1. Go to our speedtestOpens a new window .
  2. Read the instructions and press Go.
  3. Then don't forget to look at our tips under the speed test.

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