Questions about Netflix on Proximus TV

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How can you watch Netflix via your decoder?

You will need a Proximus Internet subscription and a subscription to Proximus TV. After that, follow the procedure for activating Netflix via your TV menu so you can watch Netflix on channel 204 of Proximus TV.
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What is the impact on your Internet usage?
  • If you watch Netflix on Proximus TV via your own Wi-Fi connection or a Wi-Fi Hotspot, you will use the data of your fixed Internet.
  • If you watch Netflix on your tablet or mobile phone via 4G, you will use the data of your mobile subscription.
  • When you watch Netflix for one hour, you use about 1 GB/hr. in SD, up to 3 GB/hr. in HD, and up to 7 GB/hr. in Ultra HD.
  • We advise you to regularly consult your usage, for your fixed connection and especially your mobile data.
  • If you exceed your data allowance, watching Netflix may become more difficult and you could be charged extra too. But you can request extra data.
How do you make Netflix your favorite TV bundle?

Netflix is available as a favorite TV bundle in certain packs. You can set Netflix as your favorite TV bundle yourself. After that, even if you're already a Netflix customer, follow the procedure for activating Netflix via your TV menu.

You no longer want Netflix as your favorite TV bundle? In that case, you have to cancel your Netflix account, otherwise your payment via Proximus will continue. After that, you can change or deactivate your favorite TV bundle.

How do you pay for Netflix via Proximus?
  • Do you have Internet and Proximus TV? In that case, even if you're already a Netflix customer, follow the procedure via your TV menu for paying for Netflix via Proximus.
  • Your monthly fee for Netflix will appear, on your next bill or payment notice, under the section Pay-for numbers, pay-for text messages, and services by third parties.
  • Want to view your payment method? Want to receive a bill from Netflix? Consult the Netflix help website.
  • If you no longer wish to pay for Netflix via Proximus, you have to cancel your Netflix account and create a new account with the same e-mail address.
  • Do you still have a code for 3 months of Netflix? Go to your Netflix account on, select Netflix Gift Card and redeem your code.
Is the Netflix amount on your Proximus bill incorrect?
  • Your Netflix subscription is not paid per calendar month, but for a one-month period, starting on the day of the month your subscription began.
  • Your Netflix subscription plan (SD, HD or Ultra HD) is incorrect? Consult the Netflix help website.
  • Netflix is included in your pack as a TV bundle, but you don't see the discount for your TV bundle? This discount is not mentioned under Netflix in the Third-party services section, but under your Proximus subscriptions. In the first month that you selected Netflix as a TV bundle, this discount may be lower because your TV bundle started during the course of the month.

Do you have other questions about Netflix (regarding access, subscription, changes, watching in SD, HD or Ultra HD, etc.)? Consult the Netflix help website.

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